Mary, the True Christian Mother

I am waiting for you like I waited for my Son. Yes, my dear children, Jesus prayed with his disciples like you pray and I waited for them; I waited with joy and worry for their return. My children, even if you are not many, as sometimes happens, I am waiting for you to speak with you like a mother to her child.

Always be attentive and, moreover, keep your eyes open and attentive. Open your hearts all the more to the voice of your Mother, the person who loves you the most and waits for you in the dwelling that Jesus has prepared from all time for all those who have chosen him and continue to choose him.

You know well that only in Him can you live eternally. Your earthly world will never give you what you desire to live with joy. I am near you precisely to give make you note the difference between the earthly and the heavenly.

If you try to imagine a totally perfect life, you could understand a tiny bit of totality and perfection.

Now, I tell you, put all your diligence, your mind, and your heart into our hands and all will change for you into love, but that love that you will know only when you are secure in our dwelling full only of divine love.

Dear children, believe me, I would never descend to you to make you know all this if I did not love you like I do. Listen more to your heart; only from within the intimacy of your heart comes perfect love.

Do not lose any more time; offer all your heart to my Son and He will fill it with the Holy Spirit.

Pray and make others pray and soon you will see its fruit. I bless you, I intercede for you, and I present you to the throne of the Most High.

Mary, the True Christian Mother