Mary, She Who Comes from Heaven

My dear children, do you have faith? Well, soon you will see the glory of God.

Your earth is infested with demons and you do not yet understand that things are changing for you. I am with you and will never leave you, especially in moments of struggle with the evil spirits.

I will repeat to you ad infinitum that my love will defend you from all earthly evils. I am very sad for what is waiting for you but am certain that in the moments of discomfort you will profit from the well-being that will gush forth from the angels and the saints of heaven.

My Son will allow no more than you can handle. Always have your gaze fixed on high. Only from God will you be able to have the strength that you will need, especially on the spiritual level.

Be ready, always with my weapon in your hands. Only the holy rosary will be able to help you and defend you from every attack of the evil one.

Continue to transmit to your brethren my messages. No one must be caught unawares of what will happen, no one must say, “But I did not know.” Remember that for this you will have great responsibility. If I come again among you it is because you still have great need of the Word that I bring you.

My dear children, Jesus will protect you but you must be worthy of our love and of the dedication that we have for each one of you. Let prayer always occupy the first place in your hearts. Let charity toward your brethren be its fruit.

Remember, the Most Holy Eucharist is the only food that will be able to satisfy your hunger in the times to come. I press you to my heart and I bless you. Be obedient and you will live.

Mary, She Who Comes from Heaven