Your Heavenly Mother

My dear children, just as a mother teaches her little one to make his first steps, so I, your Mother, invite you to give me your hand so that I can guide you.

Walking together, you will feel more secure in your steps. Only by entrusting yourselves to my care will you be able to sure of arriving at the right goal.

Do not do as so many brethren who, in these times, are dying of fear, at every step taken by total insecurity. You have Me. You are safe. My way is safe and leads you to the merciful heart of Jesus.

Only if he forgives you will you be able to cross the threshold that will open for you; indeed, the gates of Paradise will open wide for you. Walk calmly. Turn to Me in whatever uncertain situation and I will resolve it for you.

I know well the times through which you are passing. For this reason, no one more than Me can give you certitude. I love you and am happy to show you the right way.

Do not have any fear. Pray and make others pray, assuring your brethren that prayer is the medicine that heals every ill, be it physical or spiritual.

Do not let yourselves go without the daily Food, in the certainty that, with the Eucharist, you are feeding on Christ.

These times will pass away but the life that awaits you will never pass away. You believe in my words. Only my Son, the Paraclete, can heal all your wounds all your sorrows, all your worries.

I bless you, my dear children. Be calm and happy in this life, because soon you will be with us.

Your Heavenly Mother