Jesus, Savior of the World

My children, it sorrows me to see such indifference for all that is sacred. You do not understand that the things of the world will pass away, and then you will find only the void around you and within you.

Begin to change, even if slowly, your ways of being. Put your spiritual part in first place because the corporal part will have no more importance.

Heaven will never pass away, I tell you. Prepare yourselves, because I will return when you least expect it. My Most Holy Mother is trembling with expectation, therefore, even for her love, my Father is speeding up the times.

Now I tell you, what will the thousand earthly things for which you have given yourselves over to do serve you? You cannot take even the smallest thing with you. You will need nothing of which you have set aside with such passion.

Begin to take part in the prayers that you have been taught so long ago and which you have forgotten, setting them aside without any kind of importance.

Pray, my children. This is the propitious hour, because Satan has taken all the power that you have given him freely. I am with you and keep you from every evil, but you, turn to Me like the most authoritative of fathers.

My dear children, I repeat: wake up from this satanic slumber. A good confession will free you from the snares of Satan and you will be newly free to choose what is good and right for you.

I bless you. I sign you with the sign of my cross.

Jesus, Savior of the World