Mary, Your True Light

My children, what can I yet tell you? If you do not change your speaking and your thinking, you will resolve none of your problems. Begin to pray to your Father, but do so from the heart.

Prayer that issues from your lips, you know it is the power and the strength that will make you overcome every obstacle. But how is it possible that you do not understand that only God has the power to change evil with good?

My children, bend your knees and ask for peace among you and in your hearts. These times will become all the darker. Light will vanish and you will remain in total darkness.

Decide to change your life. Return to prayer in your empty churches. Make adoration before that tabernacle that contains all the good that you need.

Do not deceive yourselves into finding peace and love far from He who is peace and love. I will never leave you. I am near each of you, but a great part of your brethren are unaware of my presence.

Dear children, so dear to my heart, pray for all my children who are far from Me and who are unaware that only by praying with My intercession they can reach the heart of God.

Your earthly days are shortening more and more and Satan is becoming the true victor over so many of you. Wake up from this sleep. Draw near to the altar and pray before the tabernacle, earthly temple of God.

I still urge you, but seek to follow my footsteps, which lead to my Son. I bless you and protect you. Do not forget that your days are drawing short.

Mary, Your True Light

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