Mary, Mother of Hope

Meditate, my children, meditate. The wind can carry away a word itself, but if you stop a moment, you can understand better what you are saying.

At times, words become useless precisely because you open your mouth not thinking, even with your heart, about what you are saying.

Remember, my children, that the mouth is very important but if what escapes from it does not come from the very depths of your being, it loses all the deep meaning that you want to propose to others.

Recall the discourses that Jesus held for his disciples; every word was full of meaning. Jesus never wasted a word. All that issued from his mouth was the Word of life.

Dear children, imitate your Savior. Do not follow the earthly word but read and meditate on the Word of the Gospel if you want to give primary importance to your earthly existence.

For you, the word is very important, but accompany it always with love. You are in the times in which everything will be fulfilled. Seek to give importance only to the Word of God and you will have the certainty of not being disappointed.

Unfortunately, sufferings do not end here, but thanks to your offerings they will acquire so much importance in the eyes of God.

I am with you and will continue to urge you in prayer and offering, because only this will help your salvation. I embrace you all and hold you close to my heart. I love you. I want you all to come to the blessed, eternal dwelling.

Mary, Mother of Hope