Jesus, Crucified and Risen

My daughter, you are in my hands. Always remember that the negative voices, just as they are born, will come to an end. As for you, continue to obey your Creator and continue to live in peace and love.

These times of yours are like storms and this is the most turbulent part. These last times are hard for all of you, but whoever is under my protection must never fear.

Am I not the Son of God? And you, those so dear to my heart, you are protected spiritually. Let my children furthest from me and your Father live like they want—but then, they will have to render an account to God, however, for all their actions.

My favorite children, continue to live in prayer and obedience to your Father and at the end of your live you will be able to live in joy and happiness, where there will be no more struggle and sorrow.

I love you so much. I listen to your prayers. Continue to feed on my Body and leave fears to those who live far from eternal Light and Peace. I love you, dear children. Continue to bear witness to the Son of God and nothing will be able to do you any harm.

I love you. I am always with you. In difficult moments, entrust yourselves to Me and to your heavenly Mother, and nothing and no one will be able to do you harm.

I bless you. Remain united under my blessing.

Jesus, Crucified and Risen

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