Your Consoling Mother

My daughter, write. These words do not come from you. It is we who want to speak to our poor children, who cannot go ahead without our counsels.

In these times, we are coming to you because all that we would have been able to suggest to you in your churches we must suggest to you through these children of ours who dedicate a bit of their time.

It would be much better if you felt the need to come to us, but unfortunately this is not the case. Your churches are no longer our houses. Few of you still feel the joy and even the spiritual need to come to us.

But you never ask, “To whom shall we go?” and yet it is so evident that each one of you will leave this earthly world. Then, you will ask yourselves, “Will life continue for me?”

Yes, my dear children. Unfortunately for so many of you, only the devil will be their absolute patron, he who for eternity will be the punishment of the non-believers.

Wake up, my children. Eternal life waits for you and I, your Mother, still come to wake up your consciences. Pray, I tell you, and recommend yourselves to that Jesus who, from the Cross, shows you the way to come to Him.

Entrust yourselves to my maternal arms and pray to me to intervene before my Son, so that he opens His maternal arms to bring you in to take part in his Kingdom.

Repent of your faults and ask Jesus Crucified to forgive you.

Your Consoling Mother

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