Mary, Mother and Teacher

I continue to inflame your hearts, but many of you do not let them burn. I, dear children, can do nothing without your will.

I am near to each of you, above all the neediest, but unfortunately you have busied yourselves with everything else. Pray, I tell you, otherwise all my efforts will be lost.

You know very well that these times are your last on earth. Then, finally, all will change. For those of you who will have obeyed the laws of God, there will be immense joy, but for those who will have refused God and his laws, there will be terrible days.

I tell you, change your hearts, now that you still have time. If it were not for my intercessions before my Son, all of you would have lost eternal life.

Look up to the heavens. Realize that not long from now all will be fulfilled and whoever has not recognized God on earth will have to repent of it bitterly and suffer in the depths of his hearts, so that God, in his infinite goodness, pardon all the innumerable faults.

Dear children, I tell you, convert, because time is drawing short all the more. I pray for you. You are my children and, like every mother, I want you to come into all eternal joy.

I bless you and still promise you that I will pray to Jesus for the salvation of you all.

Mary, Mother and Teacher

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