Mary, She Who Urges You to Obedience

My dear children, I cannot give up on any of you. Seek prayer and never give up on calling upon the grace of God. You do not realize that without the help of God you would go nowhere.

I am your Mother and I call upon God the Father, pouring out tears for each of you. Even the last of you, that is, he who has forgotten that God is his creator and wants to lead him to Himself, need not end in the burning fire of hell.

My children who are so dear to me, pray above all for your weakest brethren, because you have no more time at hand to call upon the Name of God for those poor creatures of mine with hearts of ice.

I can still make use of your good actions to pray that your Father touch the hearts of my children who are disobedient to his commandments.

I love you and do not want to lose any of my children, but time is drawing near and you remain few who obey the laws of God.

Pray, my children. Eternity is near for all of you and it is for each of you to choose joy or eternal suffering. You have little time. Ask forgiveness, I tell you. You can still repent of the evil you have done and choose the goodness of God.

I bless you. Seek to live in obedience to your Father and you will enjoy eternal life.

Mary, She Who Urges You to Obedience

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