Your Only Mother

You mother, “Immaculate of the Blue Roses,” is here with you.

My children, I would like to make you understand that the times in which you are living are precisely the last that you are living on your earth. I am closer to you more than ever, but most of your brothers and sisters do not need either Me or Jesus.

Do you understand, dear children, how they can live without He who Is Life? You understand well that, on your own, you can do nothing. Your earth has been destroyed precisely by the hands of man, he who should have taken care of the earth.

My such beloved children, your Mother does nothing but weep and ask Jesus to forgive all your very many failings.

But why are you not able to understand that He who has given his life for you wants to see all of you obedient and aware that without God you are like sheep without a shepherd? You are getting lost, drawing far from Him. On your own, you will no longer get anywhere.

I continue to invite you to obey Him, who has given his life for you, if you do not want to die on this earth and go into the place of eternal suffering.

Dear children, entrust yourselves to your Mother, in the knowledge that, otherwise, you will lose eternal life. Pray and repent of all the evil you are doing each day. I bless you with tears in my eyes.

Your Only Mother

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