Jesus, Dead and Risen

If I said to you, “Prepare yourselves, because my times are near,” what would you do? I advise you to pray, fast, love!

Yes, my dearest children, I will return among you. Those who love me will follow me. Those who do not believe in my coming will be welcomed into the satanic place.

I have always been clear in my speaking, but so many of you do not want to understand. So many say, “If I do not see I do not believe!” but I have given you so many signs. Now we have come to the beginnings of a new heaven and a new earth.

I, Jesus, have spoken! I have always been good with each of you. I have allowed you to take [me] into your hearts – what else must I do so that you return to Me?

Your Mother has wept and still weeps for you. It’s over now – whoever is with Me will be saved and whoever is not with me, even against Me, will lose eternal joy because he merits the fires of hell.

Dear children, I have spoken clearly enough. You could not say, “But I did not know.” I have been good with each of you. I invite you to reflect and to ask forgiveness of me. I am here to forgive you.

Dear children, you who love me, pray for those who do not believe. I will still welcome your prayers for a little while longer. I want to return to you and embrace you one by one.

I bless you from the heights of my cross. I love you and will soon bring you with Me.

Jesus, Dead and Risen

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