Your True Mother

My such beloved children, today I am asking you to speak, above all to the young, about hell. They do not admit the pains of hell. They talk about it amongst themselves and laugh at those who inform them about this eternity full of sorrows.

Dear children, help me to make these young ones of mine understand that eternal pains are real, just like eternal joys are real, in which those children of mine who are obedient to the word of God will enjoy forever the love of their Creator.

I am sad, I suffer much for these dear children of mine. For this reason I ask you not to leave me alone in these last times.

Pray and have others pray above all for priests, that they take to heart this difficult duty. It belongs to them above all to bring all the young who are far from the Church to my Son and, therefore, to God.

The times are coming to completion for you. Your world will end by giving way to the spiritual part of the earth.

My dear children, I know that I can count on you, who follow my teachings. Be always coherent in your way of acting and wake up the consciences of those who are far from God.

Let holy Mass be always first in your life so that Jesus will act through you. I love you, my such beloved children. I am always with you and pray Jesus lead grant you all of his love.

I am giving you my great love.

Your True Mother

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