Sorrowful Mary

My daughter, I am with you and help you in asking my Son for his protection. You are living through the last times and most of your brethren are not yet aware of it.

Tell them to ask forgiveness for all their sins, because when they do understand, it will be too late. But you do not see that your churches are emptying, while wherever one is entertained, far from God, great spaces are being filled.

My dear children, you who are aware that you are living through the last times, make friends and young ones draw as close as possible, so that they convert and return to the Good Father, who waits for them with such great love.

The devil is pillaging all our weakest children and they are falling into the diabolical trap, as if they were going to a feast. I assure you, they will not find any entertainment, but unfortunately it will be too late.

I pray you, help me to snatch from Satan my beloved children, who no longer feel how great is our love for them.

Dear children, I pray you, seek ways to speak with these disobedient young and Jesus will give you a hundredfold. I am near you and help you. Ask you will not be disappointed.

You are at your last gasp. I pray you, convert hearts that are far from God and you will have your recompense. I love you and am near you. Be children worthy of the love of Jesus.

Sorrowful Mary

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