Mary, Your Mother

The peace of Jesus be always with you. I, your Mother, am with you. I will not leave you, not even for a moment. The children who follow me grow fewer, but I, Mary, Mother of the Church, will not leave you, not even for a moment.

You understand that the devil is pillaging my weakest children, but he knows well that even for him these are the last times. Dear children, draw ever nearer to Jesus, your indispensable Food. Without Him you will perish.

I am near you, but most, above all the young, draw far from Me and Jesus. They do not know that the devil rejoices and becomes their absolute master.

Me dearest children, you know very well that the times are coming to a close. Your earth will no longer give the fruit you have had up to now. You will lack bread and all that you consider necessary. Then, perhaps, some of your disobedient brethren will reform their ways.

Jesus is ready to forgive. Draw close to Him, who will still give you his divine help. I pray for you and support you. Do not let my prayers become poor in the eyes of God.

Help me, my children. I count on so many of you and on your prayers, with which I intercede for all of my children under diabolical temptation. Take courage, because your salvation is near. Jesus loves you, and still counts on you.

I bless you and support you in difficulties.

Mary, Your Mother

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