Mary, She Who Is “Most Pure”

My dearest children, Jesus and I count so much on you. Always be aware of what you say, what you do, and what you demonstrate to your brethren.

I am always near you, to suggest to you how to behave so that you demonstrate that Jesus and Mary are your teachers. Your spirit needs ever more to cut a straight path, so that each of you can pray to Jesus in the right way.

I am leading you. I am your only mother who knows you from birth. You are living in a diabolical world, because it seems more fitting for your desires.

Churches are emptying even more, priests are left alone, you are capable only of criticizing and do not seek to help those in most need.

I am always near you and suggest to you what is good, but many of you turn a deaf ear and negatively criticize whoever seeks in any way to follow Jesus.

I pray you, continue to be near to your priests, above all those who are weakest in temptation. They are men, like so many of your brethren, but they are under much more temptation than their married brethren.

I pray you, my dear children, always be near to these brothers of yours. Support them always and Jesus will take account of this duty of your toward the weakest. I am always near you: pray—pray—pray—in order not to fall into temptation.

Mary, She Who is “Most Pure”

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