Jesus, the Good Shepherd

It is I, your Jesus. Because you bear suffering in your heart, you know well that I never leave you. Be strong, because in these last times, you will be tempted more than ever.

Pray—pray—pray to your Mother. Call upon her often, because She is closer than ever. You know well that these are the last times and the other, if you let him, will profit from your weakness.

Pray and have others pray, because only prayer will console you in the most difficult moments. I am with you. I have been a Son and understand when someone who is not good and charitable with you, how you feel alone.

Pray, because my Father is always ready to give you what you need. The times in which you are living are difficult, because those like you, who should have been behaving like brothers, have becomes your enemies.

You know well what you must do in order not to fall into temptation. Ask your Mother for help and consolation, and She will be near you.

My dear children, so many of your brethren are behaving with you like enemies, but you must not fear, because your Father and your Heavenly Mother will never leave you alone. Pray and your heart will rejoice with Us.

Dear children, I say it again: let prayer be on your lips uninterruptedly. We love you and we bless you. Always be humble and good with all your brethren.

Jesus, the Good Pastor

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