Mary, Your Advocate

I am with you, my dear children. I love you so much and hope that you do the same for Me. You see how time is flying and you must count the days more than the hours.

It is true: everything in the world is shortened; everyone goes around in a hurry and you have no more time for prayer and meditation.

My dear children, I no longer know what to say to you. The things of the world, there will come a time in which you must abandon them. Then, I ask you: are you ready to face the judgment of God? Prepare yourselves, because time is coming to an end. Too many of my children are letting themselves be taken only by the things of the world.

I recommend that you listen to what I have been counseling you for so long: let the Holy Mass be the most intimate moment with my Son. Ask of Him and you will have the certitude that you he will give you what is best for your spirit.

In this time of Lent, pray and fast, above all from speaking ill of your friends and relatives, from whom you do not receive what you need.

I am with you. Count on Me, pray to your Father, let my intercession for you be of help and comfort for your souls.

Do not squander these last times for ephemeral things, but commend yourselves and your families to Jesus, who will give you what you need spiritually. I am always with you. Ask of me and I will ask eternal life for your from Jesus.

Mary, Your Advocate

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