Mary, Suffering Mother

My daughter, you know very well that in these days there will come much suffering that will have to be faced. I offer myself to my Son and his Father for all of you, above all for those children of mine who have lost faith.

I ask you, my chosen ones, to pray and offer sacrifices in these times of Lent for the priests who suffer because they no longer feel the presence of the Holy Spirit upon their person.

I pray you, my dearest children, offer during this Lent prayers and sufferings for all my priest-sons, so that they find again the presence of Jesus next to them day and night.

So many of them have drawn away spiritually because you, my children, do not pray to Jesus and the Holy Spirit for them. I implore you, be aware that your prayers bring the Holy Spirit back to reign over his consecrated ones.

These are hard times for you, but if you do not let go of prayer, soon you will see the glory of God on all his people. So many of your brethren will return to church, above all to reconcile with God.

I count on so many of you and my Son will give you the strength to face these last difficult days. Be aware of the times in which you are living. Most of my children, above all the young, are far from God but Jesus prizes your prayers greatly because he loves his faraway children and desires that each one of them return to love and bless Jesus and the Eternal Father.

I love you.

Mary, Suffering Mother

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