Jesus, the Son of God

My dearest daughter, I am your Jesus and I want to speak to you about these times in which you are living. I am very understanding, but you, dear children, are going too far in your every thought, in your every work, and still you do not understand that your planet will no longer support the evil that you are causing it.

My Father created this world of yours for your joy of living but none of you thank God, not only as soon as you open your eyes but not even for the rest of the day.

Everything is owed to you, but what do you do to merit the “best”?

Prayer is no longer the first thing to do. You feel like lords of the world. You never again think of saying a “thank you, Father.” For all that you give us, you have become, even amongst yourselves, devoid of love, of charity, and above all, of forgiveness.

How can you ask my Father only for well-being? My children, your times are coming to a close and so many of you will not live happy in the infinite heavens.

The Father is very offended by your behaviors. You do not love and, above all, you no longer forgive your brethren. How can you ask for well-being when you hate each other first?

Repent, my children. Forgive each other and, only then, will you be able to be forgiven from your sins by the Omnipotent God.

Jesus, the Son of God

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