Your True Mother

My such beloved children, your Heavenly Mother always prays for all her sinful children, otherwise none of them would be saved. Remember that, without praying, above all to Jesus, there would be no escape for any of you.

These times of yours are growing worse and worse. Blasphemies toward God are increasing. People hardly say prayers anymore. They no longer offer sufferings of any kind and, so, I ask: “My children, do you still think that sooner or later you must die to the world and render an account to God for all your failings?”

I tell you, take up prayer again like your ancestors did. Jesus is always ready to forgive your sins and absolve all your failings. If you once again address Me when you are in difficulty, all will seem easier to overcome.

Your earthly times a growing ever shorter, but you do not recognize the times and moments to dedicate to God in order not to find yourselves surprised before his Justice. Pray, my dear children, so that I, too, may intercede for each of you before the Father and my Son.

Pray, pray in every moment of your life. I bless you and promise you my intercession.

Your True Mother

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