Your One Mother

My such beloved children, if I, your Most Holy Mother, am Assumed into heaven, you, too, with your prayers to your Father, will rise to heaven one day.

I am without original sin and, therefore, have merited to reach heaven right away. But you, too, if you merit it, will reach Me, Jesus, and the Lord your God in the heavens, where there will be infinite joy.

I am sorry that so many of you no longer think that you will have to leave earth one day to reach eternal life.

My children, if you believe in eternal life, help me to convince my children most distant from God that one day, not far from now, they will have to render an account for all their sins committed on earth.

I am helping you to convince many of you, that true life is not that which you are living on earth, but will be, one day and forever, eternal joy in God or suffering in the depths of hell, where there will be fire and eternal pain.

My dear children, I love you so much and I am near you in all your actions. Continue to give good example to all your brethren, but above all those who do not believe in God and in eternal life.

Thank you, dear children. I love you and pray always for you to my Divine Son. I bless you, I protect you, and I defend you from what comes from the evil one.

Your One Mother

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