Mary, Most Holy Daughter of Saint Ann and Saint Joachim

My dearly beloved children, today, on the feast of my parents, I bless you and desire to place you in their arms. I have loved them so much and they, in their goodness, pour back upon all of you the goods that come to them from the Father.

Pray, so that these difficult times pass quickly and make you enjoy all the days that remain for you to live on your earth.

Dear children, pray, pray, pray, so that all the men who allow such evil on your earth convert and, in the place of their wickedness, show goodness and mercy toward their brethren.

Let these last times be for their conversion and let their hearts beat in unison with all their brethren. On your earth one no longer distinguishes good from evil and this will only bring suffering.

My dearest children, I will never forget I am your Mother. Entrust all your problems to me and I will seek to change them into good and just things. Pray more; my Son Jesus will bring to his Father and your Father all your worries, which will certainly change into joys.

I am with you. I promise you that whatever you ask of me for your good, I will bring it to Jesus who, with his own hands, will place them in the hands of his Father.

Ask and it will be given to you, converting your hearts.

Mary, Most Holy Daughter of Saint Ann and Saint Joachim

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