Your Merciful Jesus

My dearest children, let my Ascension into Heaven make you desire Paradise. You know well that the times are drawing shorter on your earth and my Father will make of these days to come the beginning of the earthly end.

I pray you, do not lose any more time in this rotten world, but begin to think consciously about the end of this poor world. My Father had given it to you for your well-being but you have done nothing but destroy it.

I no longer know how to tell you: CONVERT! if you do not want to spend the rest of your life in eternal hell, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth. Look around you and you will see only devastation!

What have you done with all the earthly goods that my Father has given you!

You have destroyed every good, every good thing, and have gone through every smile on your mouths. Repent, so that you be on time. Ask forgiveness among yourselves and, above all, from the bottom of your hearts, pray to my Father and your Father for forgiveness for all your sins.

I am always with you, but there will come times in which it will no longer be enough to ask forgiveness. I am with you, but you entrust your hearts to me full of mortal sins!

I bless you.

Your Merciful Jesus

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