Jesus, Son of God

I am the Lord your God; you shall not have any God besides Me.

In this moment, so many things will happen that most of you will not understand. But whoever is aware of my plans will not fear for all will happen in the last times.

My dear children, no one will love you like God and your Jesus of Mercy love you. Do not believe those who could lead you on the way that would not lead to your Father. Only through his Will things will change.

You know well that you are near to the heavenly changes. No one could change even a comma from the purpose of my Father, who is in heaven.

No one, for the moment, knows my Father, but in the last times, those who love God above all else will come to know the plans of God for men.

My children, you who have always walked the road of God’s justice, continue to teach your brethren who live in ignorance, that the only Way to follow is that which leads to God.

I am always near you and will lead you to the only Way, that is, to my Father who is in heaven and who loves you above all things. I bless you, my dearest children. Continue to teach the truths of God.

Jesus, Son of God

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