Your Most Beloved Mother

Yesterday, you celebrated my Assumption into Heaven, but how many of you came to find me in the house of my Son?

I was waiting for all my children, to fill them with graces, but unfortunately most of you celebrated with binging of body and spirit. But how can I keep recommending you to the Lord is most of you do not even know Him?

You celebrate only in an earthly way and do not think about heaven, not even on the day of my Assumption. Can you tell me how most of my children have celebrated? Whoever does not believe must not even celebrate!

How many of my children will go to hell, among eternal flames. Pray, dear children, for these brethren of yours, who will remain for eternity in the greatest sufferings, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth.

Pray much, my dearest children, for these brethren of yours, who are not aware of what awaits them. My dear children, I love you so much and I always recommend you to my Son and to your heavenly Father.

I am with you, who love Jesus, and I promise you that I will not let you be lost in the flames of hell. Thank you, my children. Continue to pray for your unbelieving brethren.

Your Most Beloved Mother

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