Mary, Daughter and Mother

My dear children, peace be with you.

Your life is precious, it is a gift of God. Preserve it, as He has given it to you. There is no more respect. Your body has become only a useless casing for your soul. Do you not understand that if you do not take care of your body, that your spirit will suffer in consequence?

Sin reigns, your body is subject to all possible impurities, you no longer have the least attention for the body that is the holy temple of God. I, dear children, suggest that you contemplate what a precious gift has been entrusted to you. Rediscover in this tempestuous time how much the good God takes care of you.

Nothing and no one will be able to hold on to this stupendous gift without responding to the invitation by the Creator to take care of the body, true container of the masterpiece of God, in purity and spirituality.

Once again live in simplicity and in the perseverance aided by the suggestions that Mother Church gives you through the Word of God. Only if you know how to recover certain values, will your body be able to live again in harmony with the spirit, peerless sign of life.

Pray that you be able to rejoice in the new reality that will make you new complete persons. I, your Mother, am with you. I suggest that you rediscover this harmony if you wish to resume walking in the Light. The body without the spirit is as dead. Resume the life that is waiting for you as true children of God.

In unity with my Son and with the Holy Spirit, I bless you in the body, so that you may recover the life of the soul.

Mary, Daughter and Mother