Mary, Queen of Peace

Peace be with you. Like Moses brought the Jews across the Red Sea, I, the Queen of Peace, will bring you across these dark and menacing times.

I, your Most Holy Mother, will show myself as never before. I want that my beloved children all undertake this tiring journey that will open up the new era.

If you are responsible for what you must do and submit yourselves with much humility to that which I will tell you, salvation will be accessible for you and you can be assured of that place which has been prepared for you from the time of creation.

Courage, my dearest children. Do not think that you need the things of the world. You will not need either money or food, which surely will be inedible, but furnish yourselves with the book of the Word of God and the only weapon that will make you victors on all fronts.

Every war is faced with the most appropriate weapons, with the certainty that the Leader knows well the war plan. My Jesus is your Head. No one will ever be able to overcome the barriers that He defends.

Be ready, victory is for all those who do not doubt his will and power. I am with you. I will accompany you in the hard walk, I will sustain you and guide your steps, defending each of you from the advance of the impure one.

Do not go far from my presence, be true soldiers in the army of salvation and heaven will exult in the victory that all my children will bring.

This earth is making itself unfruitful in every way, but fear not, my Son knows how to nourish his children. With God, in God, and for God, this is that which you must aim for now and always.

My maternal blessing is upon you and all your brethren for whom you are praying.

Mary, Queen of Peace