Jesus, True Light of the World

My daughter, do not lament, I have willed that you experience blindness. You will see again, but all your brethren who are living in spiritual blindness, and who are not aware of it, perhaps will never see again.

Not by my will, you have sought to cure yourself and must not they, more so, go racing to seek the cure to recover their sight quickly?

I tell you that all my children are aware of not “seeing,” but they resist my calls back to love, since they choose their leisure, their pleasures, and do not care about asking for healing.

How many errors, how many “no’s” to my invitations, how many refusals by my most beloved children! I no longer know what to use to budge these hearts of stone. I am a God of love, but you are forcing me to use my justice.

Dear daughter, now that you have experienced blindness, will you bear witness to how it feels to remain in darkness? Your darkness is temporary, but the shadows for those who refuse my calls to return will be eternal. Dear children, I tell all of you present, bear witness, each with the gifts that have been given you, that far from the Light their will be no more life.

What do you want to see living in the shadows? Draw near to my priests, ask them forgiveness for your omissions, renounce satan and all his seductions, reacquire your sight through my absolution and you will have eternal light. Dear children, the Light is Life, shadow is death. The choice, once again, is yours.

I, the Light, love you so much and my light will allow you to shine like the most beautiful of the stars. Listen to me, look far, because with my light you will overcome every obstacle. I give you my light; carry it to the whole world.

Jesus, True Light of the World