Mary, Most Holy

My daughter, I am with you, and some other daughters will also feel my presence. I am happy, my daughter, because in this time of grace, you have the possibility of understanding many things in order to receive, with all love, He who can do all things, who gives all things. You give me joy because you, little remnant, begin to follow my teachings.

Mothers can understand, our heart exults when children follow our counsels. I am beginning to entrust you with something more important. Now you are ready for this task that I want to entrust to you.

The time has come to catechize, that is, to make everyone know these rules that my Church is for a little while making go subdued.

I commit to today this task, then, to bring to recognition these important rules, indispensable for being able to enter into the Kingdom of God. Put the Commandments in first place, then the precepts of the Church, and following, the works of charity.

Then, speak of that which in this moment seems to have become an insurmountable problem. Speak clearly about the respect of the marriage bond. Remember: “That which God has united, man must not dare separate.”

It is important to understand that the family is the first cell of society. If the family is disrupted, the world will go totally to pieces. Take on a sense of responsibility even yourselves. Help couples in difficulty to recover the unions that are dissolving ever more often, like snow before the sun.

My children, I count on you, speak with an open heart. Be truthful, because if you speak in the name of and with the word of Jesus, you cannot err. I will be close to you. I will spur you on to go forward in this task that I have just entrusted to you. All that you do for your brethren will return to you when you are before the face of God.

My blessing, united with that of my Son, be with all of you and give you the courage and the strength to fulfill this duty.

Mary, Most Holy