Mary, Security along the Way

I exhort you, my dear children, not to live in fear and anxiety about tomorrow. Every day that rises brings with it good things, but if you let yourselves be taken by terror and fear you cannot see and taste the goodness and beauty that your Father gives you. It is the other one, his temptations, who seeks to modify and tamper with, right before you, what the good God has prepared as good and beautiful.

I am always with you. Listen to my voice, do not let the infamous one be able to cover it with his negativities. Your God could never give you bad things because he is infinite good. Begin your days by immersing yourselves in prayer and you will perceive your mind and your heart totally changing. Your thoughts will transform into positive thoughts and your heart will rejoice, feeling and tasting the goodness and positivity of a God of infinite goodness himself.

I pray you, again, to comply with my counsels, because the moment in which you decide not to need the word of my Son, the other one will immediately make you prisoners in his diabolical trap. Be very attentive – there is no human being with his craftiness and intelligence.

You can change your way of acting by standing far from him, from his malignancy and his temptations, only if you recognize the Wisdom of God. Be certain that if you know how to listen to what I tell you, the wisdom of God will help you in every action of yours, in the certainty of always choosing what is best for you.

Let fear then, dear children, go away far from you. Walk in the light, walk with sure step, following in the footsteps of Jesus who can do all things, grants all things, gives all things to his children who do not lose the way.

I bless you. Hold each other’s hand. Be true loving children, united in love.

Mary, Security along the Way