Mary, Help of Christians

Dear children, I have called you because we are gathering all of you who believe and profess our Creed.

I, your Mother, need you. For this reason I have called you this evening in this Cenacle. Welcome all your brethren who need the love of my Son but who have lost the way.

I ask you, dear children, evangelize these children of mine who live in the shadows. Make them recognize the Light, console without reproving. Often whoever does not know the love of Jesus does not have any fault, but has only known poor, weak, and non-believing people. Make yourselves little before these brethren needful of love. Lead them to the Divine Mercy in such a way that they might reconcile with themselves and with God.

The times in which you are living are very difficult, but I who am your Mother are here to gather all my children who have lost the sense of direction.

This evening, I entrust you with these lost sheep. Have them drink at the Fount of Divine Mercy, speak to them only of love, that love that will give meaning to their life again.

Dear children, I bless you, your families, the priests who are present. Tell them: love, forgive, bless.

My Jesus is always with you. Follow his steps.

Mary, Help of Christians