Mary, Most Holy

My daughters, the strength of my Jesus be with you all. I thank you, because you have kept me company at the feet of the Cross of my Son.

My passion has been great. You are mothers and can understand the enormous suffering that you feel for your children. My heart has been torn open by that lance, but thanks to your sharing, it has been more bearable.

You are my handmaids; what would I do without you? I ask you to be patient for a little while longer, and then your joy will be great. I am always with you. I know that you feel abandoned in these days, but was it not thus for Jesus?

He was betrayed by his own and it will always be this way for you, especially in this moment, where satan is using up his last crimes. Be strong, do not surrender just now. We are united in love to my Son and we will be victors.

I love you and will not allow that you succumb. I am close to you to help you to overcome the last obstacles. The devil is tempting you more strongly than ever, but I have faith in you. Walk always on the way that Jesus has shown you.

Do not be surprised or frightened. The truth often hurts, but is always sustained even at the cost of a life. My Son is Truth. With Him is the certitude of eternal life. Only He can offer you eternal life – no one else.

Be loving daughters, patient, charitable, humble, and always ready to live in the Divine Will of the Most Holy Trinity who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Be always coherent; words do not count if not in parallel with works.

Courage – let’s go ahead without ever turning ourselves back, united like true children of God. I want to give you courage again and I assure you that your recompense will be great in the Kingdom of Heaven.

I bless you. I love you.

Mary, Most Holy