Mary, Help of Christians

Greetings my dear children, greetings. My cenacle today burns with love for Me and for my Son.

I thank you because you have responded to my invitation and for this reason I desire to be with you, close to each of you, gathered in prayer.

I will invite you again to gladden my distant children. Let us share love, so that it may multiply always the more in order to reach those distant and cold hearts.

Prayer, if done with the heart, refreshes the soul and allows you to live in joy and serenity even in confronting the difficulties that each day appear before you. Let us pray, dear children, today for all of my consecrated ones.

Only they can eat of that bread and of that wine that will maintain you and satisfy your hunger in the days to come.

These next times will not be humanly bearable. They will show themselves to be difficult and uncertain, but you must not fear, you will be ready to confront them and win on all fronts.

With Me and with Jesus, your steps will be secure. You will always find the right ways to pass over, you will be light for those brethren who have lost direction, making themselves lost by discouragement and ceding to fear.

I will be close to you. You will rejoice because you will finally be able to resolve so many problems that are complicating your existence. Even sadder and more difficult days with pass by, and you will be able, with your bearing witness, to console many afflicted hearts.

I ask you to be listening, because my Son will give to each of you the ability to hear my voice and that of your angels who accompany you always and everywhere. You will never be alone. Pray and call upon our names and all your fears will dissolve.

Be united like true brethren and the strength to face every danger will never leave you. My dear children, I want to remain in your hearts like in this moment.

I love you so much.

Mary, Help of Christians