The Virgin Mary

I am the daughter, the Virgin Mary. Peace to you and to all those who need my blessing. Give me your hearts and I will prepare them for the coming of my Son.

Do not be amazed. The time is drawing closer and you know very well that it will be his second coming: from thence he shall come to judge the living and the dead. Do you not pronounce these words in the prayer of the Creed?

Do not live, then, only on words, but when you pray, meditate with the heart on what you say with the lips. My Son will come, but will he find faith on your earth? Behold, I come to prepare you for His coming because I want him to find many souls with hearts full of faith and love for Him.

Life is short, therefore, and to each of you it does not seem but a moment, but I want you to start thinking about your encounter with my Son and your Redeemer.

He will come like promised and will return in glory. All will see him and blessed are those who will be ready for this meeting.

My Immaculate Heart will triumph, the earth will be purified, and our children, finally, will be able to taste true joy, that which is being able to live without any more temptation, or illness, or wickedness.

You will love, then, truly like brothers. There will be no more envy and jealousy, but each of you will rejoice in the joys of your brethren.

My children, you will recognize true love and will no longer need diversions or pastimes. Jesus will fill your life. He is richness, goodness, joy, grace, love without end.

I desire that you begin to think about his coming. Do not let yourselves be found unprepared, but make precious your days with prayer, fasts, praises, invocations in honor of his Holy Name. You will be filled with the Holy Spirit and will rejoice in the completion of these dark and cold times.

I bless you, I am with you, I know your names, as they are written in the book of life. Peace to you.

The Virgin Mary

I will soon give you a sign.