Mary, Gate of Heaven

Peace to you, children of the Most High, peace to you. I bring you my peace, that of the heart. To all of you gathered here, I have come to bring you peace. Your hearts are agitated like the sea in a storm, and therefore you do not allow my peace to enter.

The Spirit is upon you and will change your distraction into attention, your agitation into flat calm, your fear into joy. Dear children, do not allow satan to play his game. He is cunning and if you do not grasp my hands, you risk falling.

Do not joke around with fire that can burn you. Let prayer fill your days. Love without measure and give succor to your brethren in trial, who, being weaker than you, can succumb.

I assure you of my presence. Be cunning, do not let yourselves be tempted by the things of the world. Give room for good actions and serve your neighbor as if he were Jesus, your Savior. Seek to fix your thoughts only on the love of God.

Nothing will satisfy you until you understand that to do the divine will and only the divine will can fill that emptiness that is causing you pain whatever else you do.

In these difficult times I recommend to you: be pure like doves, but shrewd as serpents, because hell is open like never before. Justice will triumph in the end and if you obey the laws of God, your recompense will be great.

The world offers you the ephemeral. Only God can give you the necessary and indispensable. Obey your Mother who suffers like never before for the offenses against her Son. They arrive like projectiles to wound my heart.

Help me. I will intercede for all your needs. Do not waste any more precious time. Assure yourselves the love and forgiveness of my Son. Be united, then, in the presence of the Most High. I bless you.

Mary, Gate of Heaven