Mary Immaculate

Write, my daughter. I am the Immaculate and I love you, all of you, very much.

I desire that your hearts be free from negative thoughts, from calumnies, murmurs, useless and superfluous conversations. Think only about having love be born again in you. In the general confusion you no longer find the key to the problem.

Listen to me, then. Each of you should promise yourself to obey your Mother who loves you so much so as to come again to you. Fasts are not helpful if they do not bring love. You can fast to reacquire your physical beauty, but that type of fasting does not befit spiritual beauty.

Listen to me attentively, then. Each of you knows well what “his” fast should be to please my Son. When you have singled out what to “fast” from, you will be ready to offer your sacrifice.

To deprive yourself of that “thing” is a reason for love. To offer a small thing, but from the depths of the heart, is a great and precious gift to that Jesus who has offered his life for his beloved children.

Offer, and in the knowledge that what you are offering comes from the depths of the heart, be certain that what you ask for will be given you in return. For you and for your loved ones, your offering will become a gift. Jesus, in his Divine Mercy, will have mercy on you and will listen to every request of yours.

Let prayer make a crown for all your offerings, all your fasts, be they corporal or spiritual. Entrust yourselves to our Hearts. Kneel down and in humility open to us your hearts. We will fill them with all the graces necessary for you and your loved ones.

Fast above all from wicked deeds and from evil toward your neighbor.

With love, the way opens that brings peace. Be united in the Most Holy Name of Jesus and you will be filled with the Holy Spirit. Let this be your Lent, let this be your pre-paschal purpose.

I bless you, certain that you will treasure my words.

Mary Immaculate