Most Holy Mary of the Rosary

Let prayer be your flag. Greetings, my dear children. We are gathered here to pray to the Master of the Vineyard so that he send bountiful fruits. My priests are lacking and no longer take care of my children as they once did.

Let us pray today, my children, so that new vocations may come. Today more than ever do souls need a good vintner. The vine has been pruned. Now if the Master of the vine sends good workers, he will have a good harvest.

Let us pray for this, so that my children, after the pruning, bear abundant fruit. The purification is in progress. Sufferings are the offerings most pleasing to God. Do not lament your trials, but accept them with joy in the certainty of doing something pleasing to your Father.

I am always beside you and I help you to overcome the trials. My dear children, be close to each other, help each other and all will be happier and more acceptable. The price to pay for your wicked deeds has risen, but this does not mean you cannot do it.

You are not helpless before the difficulties, but accept them with eyes wide open and without fear, and in the end all will be overcome. Do not lose your mind. This is the moment before the harvest and there are so many uncertainties among you, but dear children, think of what joy you will experience at the moment in which you will have “merited.”

You know well that after childbirth one forgets the pains and rejoices in the new creature who has just arrived. Thus it will be for you. Your Father will hand you the prize you so greatly desire and you will forget the sorrows of this valley of tears.

Be courageous children. I will protect you and defend you and together we will enjoy the prize that you wait for. I bless you. Do not fear, but entrust yourselves to my love.

Most Holy Mary of the Rosary