Jesus, Savior of the World

Dear children, Holy Easter! I am with you. Dear daughter, do not fear, I ask you to share with Me this days in preparation for my passion. I need your help, your prayers, your sufferings. If you love me, respond affirmatively.

I love you, my dear children, and I know that I can count on you, who are ready to give me your Yes. If I, who am your Lord, have suffered all the humiliation, all the evil, all the wickedness of my children, I pray you, do not pull yourselves away, not even you who are before the difficulties that you are very soon going to face.

Remember always that I am with you and I will not allow that you not be able to bear it. My children have drawn far from my love each more every day. For a little while longer my Father will listen to my prayer, as he heard me in the Garden of Olives, then all will be accomplished. My Mother will crush the head of the ancient serpent and you, my beloved children, will finally be able to enjoy True Love, because temptations will have drawn to an end. My salvation is for all those who accept my Holy Will. New heavens and new earth will be your tomorrow.

Now, be strong, fear not, because the devil will be beaten, but the days to come will be yet more difficult and full of thorns. Look upon my Cross when you feel lost. Only in accepting the Cross can you come to the eternal goal.

My Mother is with you, she intercedes before God for you, she suffers with you because she is certain that sufferings ultimately give way to infinite joy. Remember always that my children are born for joy and satan can do nothing without your permission.

I bless you, I love you.

Jesus, Savior of the World