Mary, Conceived without Sin

Dear children, I am the one who kneels down near you; I cannot lose you. I love you too much, but the other does not release his prey.

My children, I ask you from the bottom of my heart, convert and believe in the Gospel. You no longer have spiritual guides and materialism triumphs, but I want all of you with me, in the house of my Father and yours. Open your eyes, ask Jesus to show you the world as he sees it and as I see it.

The devil and his rebel angels do not even let you breathe and you do not pose any resistance. I pray you, be strong, do not let yourselves be enchained by the bitter enemy. He, in this moment, enjoys immense strength and if you are no longer convinced to abandon sin, your existence will burn out like a match.

My dear children, Jesus is all for you. Do not draw far from his teachings, otherwise you will lose the way in a huff.

Remain united in prayer and be convinced witness with your brethren who are being lost for their unbelief. You need God, you cannot exist without Him. Do not be stubborn, let yourselves be taken by the hand of He who has loved you to folly. You will lose all that you have, all will end and if you lose eternal life, you will have lost the only possibility that has been given you.

I am always with you, but you do not want to understand. Life is slipping away from you like a drop of water would slip away. Let yourselves be guided, be less proud, make yourselves small and I will take care of you.

Do not waste the time that remains for you. It is the most precious thing that remains for you. Spend it for your salvation – nothing else matters. I open my arms to you. Do not twist, otherwise I will no longer be able to help you.

Be generous with yourselves, love yourselves in order to be able to love your neighbor more.

Dear children, Yes to God, No to the devil, decide quickly. I bless you.

Mary, Conceived without Sin