Mary, Lady of the “Yes”

My Spirit is upon you, my Mother is in your midst, my ardent Cenacle is complete.

My dear children, what joy when my Son looks upon you with all his love. There exists no greater love. He has given his life to the Father for all of you. I am here, among you. I bring you peace, that peace that the world cannot give you.

Be happy about belonging to God. He has wanted you for His total will. He did not need you, but his will is fulfilled in you. Trust in Him. You belong to him totally and in this belonging he will sanctify you, after the purification, in order to return to that Kingdom from where you have come.

I am here to gather the sheep that are lost everywhere. Be strong in temptation, seek to resist, seeking and asking my help. Otherwise, by yourselves, you will fall without being able to rise up again.

You are in a time of struggle. Satan is buying up my most fragile children. For this reason I ask your help, your sufferings, your prayers. Your sacrifices are all in behalf of these souls that otherwise would be lost.

How many of my children are living in worldliness, in luxury, in false light, and do not think about eternal life! Poor children of mine, I love them and ask you to think a bit about their salvation.

All together, we can stop wars, famines, pestilence, phenomena like earthquakes, tsunamis, and other forms of destruction. My dear children, we still have time. Do not abandon me just now, at the culmination of satanic temptation.

I love you so much, and I want to hand you over to the Father, all his children, above all those most needy. Give love, do not skimp on good works. Teach all those who do not want to know the love of my Son. With love one can move mountains. Nothing is impossible for God, and God is making use of you.

I never go far from you, and I counsel you and guide you at every step of the way. Ask me, I always listen attentively and then intercede for you before my Son.

I bless you. I draw next to each one of you.

Mary, Lady of the “Yes”