Mary, the “Handmaid” of the Lord

Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord.

Dear children, isn’t it true that for you to call yourselves “servant” is to devalue yourself? It is not so. Pejorative would be to call yourselves “disobedient.” I have been very happy to be able to submit to my God.

My children, we are born to do his will. When I called myself “servant,” my heart exulted for the choice that had fallen upon me from the Most High. I was very happy in submitting myself to He who is Omnipotent.

Feel humble; by yourselves you will not be capable of completing even the least action. The sooner you understand this, the better. The Author of life knows well the works of his Hands. You are born from an indescribable love, than which nothing could be more just and perfect.

I am the servant of the Lord. This has been and will always be a great honor for Me. Do not be proud, but humble and meek of heart. I give you the word that comes from the Father and the Son. May you know how to appreciate it, guard it, use it in the way most suitable for being able to live in the Truth, in the Most Holy Will of God.

A servant is one who can offer herself to her Lord, with love, in total freedom, satisfying every demand. My dear children, even today I am totally available to the love of God.

In this time, my “service” is for you, for my beloved children. In the hour of trial, call upon my Name – I will be quickly with you. I am at the service of being able to recover that which you have squandered.

The servant knows well the needs of the master and, for his love, she gives herself. Love carries one to God. I hope that each of you understands the importance of making yourself a servant for your own brethren.

Learn from Me, who am humble and meek of heart. You will reach the love of your loved ones and, above all, the love of God. Let this “Servant” lead you to obey He who has given his life for you.

I bless you. Be humble. Only as little ones will you be able to pass through that door that is eternal salvation.

Mary, the “Handmaid” of the Lord