Mary, She Who “Counsels”

Peace to you! “Here I am”: this has been my response to the request of my Father. Do thus also yourselves if you want to live your life in light.

My dear children, do you see how in the world only bad news follows upon itself? Do you not ask why? I will tell you why! Your responses to God are never of obedience to his commandments! A blind person can never lead another blind person! Return to your Father if you want things to change.

Prayer rises to heaven, but always weaker and more insecure. My children, where has your faith ended? Have faith and I assure you that whatever you ask for will be given to you. You no longer know how to pray and therefore do not know how to ask. I exhort you, give more space to prayer of the heart. Give it all your attention. Ask with sincerity. Be loyal to God and to your neighbor, then you will be heard. The things that you desire almost never correspond to the will of your Father. Learn to trust in the immense love of God, which desires for you only good things for his children.

Entrust yourselves to his will, I repeat. You will be repaid much more than you think. Humanity does not know the plan of its Creator, and for this reason it must trust and entrust itself to Him. If you who are not good desire good things for your children, how much more reason will God, who has created you, have to give you all of his love, all that is better than you can desire.

I suggest to you that which is best for you, but often I am not understood. Close your eyes when you pray and you will see the glory of God. It is not possible to enjoy heaven if one only wants the poor things of the earth. Pray, therefore, with the heart, thinking that waiting for you in heaven is “all,” “more,” “infinite good.” Desire the best!

Mary, She Who “Counsels”