The Mother of Love

Peace to you. I am here with you to pray the Our Father. I speak to you with a broken heart. How much pain is my Jesus feeling, how many of his children will go to eternal perdition only because they do not trust in their Creator!

Dear children, God has made everything from nothing and has no need of your help, but you need Him. You are unaware of so many things that you will never be even able to discover, since your arrogance does not leave room for a holy humility.

My dear children, so beloved, we must preach the Gospel as did the first apostles in the times of Jesus. It is useless to want to do everything both right away and even more without asking the intervention of the Lord of the world!

I pray you, make known the greatness of God to your brethren, in particular to those who abuse the power entrusted to them. Pray for them, so that they open their hearts of stone to He who can do all things, who gives all things. There are, perhaps, too many of my children who do not want to hear one speak of God, but it is urgent that they reflect and decide that without trust in the Lord of the universe, they will have only disappointments. Let us pray so that the representatives of the earth take on their responsibilities. Let us make them understand that they must render an account of their errors before the Justice of God.

I love you. Bring my love wherever only hate reigns. Recover the dignity of being true children of God. Cry out, if possible, that Jesus is the Son of God man man to give you eternal salvation, lost because of the sin of your ancestors. I still believe in you; help me to recover the many sheep who have fled from the Holy flock.

May Jesus protect you and defend you from every evil. Be more attentive when you want to demonstrate you belonging to Jesus Crucified.

The Mother of Love