Mary, Admirable Mother

My daughter, I ask you again to offer all of your sufferings to Jesus for your beloved young. You sense how much this sorrow pierces my heart and I offer this sorrow of mine to the Father for all my children.

I ask your help again. I can count only on a small part of you. Be strong; I ask perseverance – perseverance – perseverance! Do not leave me on my own precisely now, when your prayers are becoming indispensable.

You Father has had much patience with his children, but the moment has arrived for you to begin to open your ears, and above all, your hearts.

The times are drawing to a close. Everything will return its proper place as in the times of creation and the human race, finally free from temptation, will render to God all love, honor, and glory to He who has created everything from nothing.

In heaven and a new earth will dwell all those worthy of being called children of God. You yourselves can see how much filth reigns in so many human hearts. God says “Enough!” He will bring back to initial purity all those who, after having recognized their own sins, will ask pardon from the bottom of their hearts.

God loves all his children, but not all his children love God. Be patient yet a bit longer and then to everyone will be given according to their own merits. Eternal punishment will be for those children who refuse the love of God.

Now that I have clarified in what situation you are living, decide on what side you want to be. Your answer is yours to make.

I bless you at every moment so that satan remain far from you. Pray incessantly to Jesus, that intercede before his Father. Love those who do not know how to love and you will be rewarded.

Mary, Admirable Mother