Mary, Queen of Peace

Dear children, I thank you, for you have responded to my call.

It is not you who have chosen to come here, but I who have called you. Your prayer is helping so many children to make a fruitful discernment toward being able to choose and distinguish that which is good from that which is evil.

In a world where disobedience and sin abound, only prayer can make ideas clear to my children who are the farthest from the love of my Son.

Thank you, for with joy you have chosen this hill to recite the prayer of the holy rosary. I am always with you, and I defend you from temptation. Be strong, because the enemy, his days counted, will do everything to make you fall.

Use often my weapon, which will defend you from all his attacks. I love you so much, you are my new apostles, ready to defend the law of God.

Never despair, but live in the certitude of having final victory in hand.

I bless you. I am here before you. My smile and my love is for all of you.

Mary, Queen of Peace