Mary, Co-Redemptrix

Dear children, you are my joy; where there is prayer, where my Son is praised, where there is unity, there is my joy.

On this day that looks forward to the Passover of my Son, be more united than ever. Remember how great is the love of Jesus for you, who has been scourged, crowned with thorns, crucified for you – for you who, in these difficult times, do nothing but offend and blaspheme his Holy Name.

My dear children, make these forty days support your prayer, that prayer that will free many souls from the pains of hell.

I will help you, but you must be courageous evangelizers, not so much with your tongues, but with your good works. As your heavenly Mother, I instruct you: love unto giving your life for your brothers.

The greatest gift that Jesus has given you, use it in the best of ways, or your life will be a true and utter failure. In order to arrive at the joy of the resurrection of Jesus, you need to strike a path of true conversion of heart, living in love, in charity, in fraternity.

Life is that gift that carries in itself all human frailty, but also the abundant strength of the Spirit. Do not live only by those things of the world, but enrich your spirit with all the good actions that, every day, you can offer to your Father who is in heaven.

Love also your sufferings; only through them can you enrich the baggage that you will present at your arrival in heaven. Love life; live in the grace of God, ready to give over your life rich in good works, earning the eternal prize.

I bless you, my children, in the joy of the expectation of the resurrection.

Mary, Co-Redemptrix