Jesus, from the Garden of Olives

I bless you, my children, so that you can be stronger in temptations. Pray more often the Our Father, asking not to be abandoned in the most difficult moments.

Satan is very strong in this time, where sin reigns supreme. Pay much attention not to succumb when he puts you to the test. Know that he recognizes very well your weaknesses, and strong in this, he incites you to sin, to fall.

Seek, then, the help of your Father who is in heaven. Pray to him to hold fast your hand, at the very moment you get back up. Pray always: “Do not abandon us, Father. Remain with us. Only with your help can we lift ourselves up.”

Once you have the help of my Father and your Father, go take refreshment in your spirit at the Table of the Eucharist. Remember, children, if you do not nourish your spirit, you will fall so many times that you risk not being able to get up again.

My love for you is great, but you, for your part, seek to live in purity of heart and to recognize that, without the help of heaven, none of your actions will come to right fulfillment. Never be ashamed of your weaknesses, but see that they be occasions of revenge against sin. I love you as you are. I know your hearts and I await only your responses to my invitation. Your “yesses” allow me not to satisfy your requests, but to give you all my graces necessary to limit your falls, so often very painful.

Never congratulate your brothers in sin, because sin brings you to death and can be a cause of no return. My dear children, love one another as I have loved you from the Cross.

Let my blessing descend upon each of you abundantly in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, from the Garden of Olives