Mary, She Who is Obedience

Never say, “I do not want to.” It is not for you to decide in various situations, but always remember that before you comes the Will of God. Here, therefore, “What I do not want” no longer means anything.

Entrust your whole being, those persons dear to you, your families, your parishes, and your beloved departed to heaven, to He who can do all things, who wills all for the good of all creation. Put on this habit from here on; place in my hands all of your “doing” and I will hand over your will to my Son, who will present it to his Father. Rest assured; you must no longer be afraid in your more or less hurried decisions.

You will even have the gift of discernment if you succeed in entrusting yourselves totally to God. Think always that that which you are living through is only for the will of God. Without Him not even the smallest creature would exist.

I advise you, leave behind your own thoughts, considering that the light of God opens a new horizon for your life.

“It is not you who have chosen Me, but I who have chosen you” – and if you truly believe that you have been chosen, you will be able to do nothing except entrust yourselves blindly to He who has created everything from nothing.

You are the most beloved creatures, therefore, love even more He who is Divine Will. I am with you, because I first have accepted doing the will of God. Now more than ever do you need to place your life in his Holy and Adorable Hands. Your actions will become perfect like your Father is perfect.

My dear children, accept my advice and you will see your life change overnight. All will seem more smooth and bearable.

I bless you in the divine will of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Mary, She Who is Obedience