Mary, True Door

My dearly beloved children, never forget that my Son Jesus has taken upon himself all your sins. He has given you the sacrament of baptism to heal the spiritual wound brought about by the disobedience of your first parents.

Dear children, remember, though, that it is not enough to be baptized to return to the house of your Father; baptism must be respected above all in monthly confession.

Dear children, you continue to sin and so forgiveness becomes necessary through the hand of a confessor, who absolves you in the name of the Crucified Jesus.

Be pure. The spirit is that part of you that keeps you alive. But too many of my children are like robots. They walk by the force of inertia on the physical level, but being whitewashed tombs, they do not enjoy true life, that is, that which is spiritual.

Be true, authentic Christians. Give good example to those who walk in darkness, and let your word fall in unsown fields.

I am with you and I never tire of being at your side. Call upon my help often, because the ancient serpent never tires of tempting you and baiting you to make you fall into his perpetual trap.

Be chaste and pure, and you will not have to repent of living a life coherent with your works. May the Gospel always be your master. Do not let yourselves be misled by other writings that come from the hands of man and not from God.

He, who has given origin to the whole world and who has made everything from nothing, has spoken. For you there remains nothing but to execute his will, if you want to remain in truth and in love. May God be with you, may he pardon all your failings and enrich you every day with his Holy Spirit.

Mary, True Door